28 August 2009

Possibly the most complicated elections in the world?

In a country where there haven't been any elections in some time, (a good electoral history is at the Rift Valley Institute), the Southern Sudanese are being asked to complete TWELVE ballots next year.

1. President of Sudan
2. President of Southern Sudan
3. State Governor
4. National Assembly - Constituency MP
5. National Assembly - Women's List (Proportional representation)
6. National Assembly - Party List (Proportional representation)
7. Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly - Constituency MP
8. Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly - Women's List (Proportional representation)
9. Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly - Party List (Proportional representation)
10. State Assembly - Constituency MP
11. State Assembly - Women's List (Proportional representation)
12. State Assembly - Party List (Proportional representation)

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