10 February 2010

Building a constituency for Africa

Owen says that there are unfair global rules which are creating a poverty trap for Africa, and that these rules won’t be changed because Africans are not a constituency to which Western leaders are accountable.
“Africa seems to be likely to be caught in the jaws of this trap for as long as there is no political process that allows African countries to obtain more power and influence within these international institutions than their relative economic weaknesses entails.”
I have less faith in international institutions. How about building a constituency for Africa in the West by:

1. Campaigning to influence voter’s and decision-makers

2. Allowing some more Africans to move to the West

I don’t know if these would work, but I do know that lobbying by the private sector does. Nathan points to a study which found a 22,000% return on lobbying by firms for tax cuts. Can lobbyists for development achieve those kind of returns?


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