26 June 2010

Making Poverty History in Southern Sudan

How much would it cost to lift everyone in Southern Sudan above the poverty line? The answer is the triangle to the left of the red poverty line and beneath the blue population distribution line.
That triangle (apparently also known as the poverty gap - why didn’t I pay more attention in class!), is roughly equivalent to SDG 1.8 billion, or $750 million at official rates.
So in theory it would cost an annual $750 million to eradicate poverty in Southern Sudan.
The value of aid spending in Southern Sudan in 2010?
$739 million.
The value of the GoSS 2010 Budget?
SDG 4.5 billion ($1.9 billion)
Just saying.
National Baseline Household Survey, 2009
The GoSS Donor Book, 2010
The GoSS 2010 Budget-at-a-glance


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