27 July 2010

Goodbye Juba!: Top 10 things I’ll Miss (and won’t miss)

Day 3 of recovery from my Southern Sudan addiction and hot water is still amazing.
In traditional blog-format: Things I’ll miss:
  1. My housemates
  2. Friends and Colleagues
  3. The “Morning!” kids
  4. My Senke motorbike
  5. Rolexes and beans for lunch
  6. The Sun!
  7. The surly tea-ladies at the Ministry who bully us khawajas
  8. Sudanese Greetings: Every person in the room gets a handshake, no matter how long it takes or how inconvenient. Old friends get a good slap on the chest.
  9. Poker at Sam’s
  10. Playing football with the Bangladeshi peacekeepers
And things I won’t miss:
  1. Malaria!
  2. Having to deal with a broken generator and/or car on an almost weekly basis
  3. Cold showers
  4. The heat
  5. The traffic cops
  6. The slowest internet in the world
  7. The most annoying mobile phone ringtones in the world
  8. Meetings which start an hour late
  9. The neighbours’ fondness for playing very loud Westlife and Celine Dion
  10. Queuing for an hour to withdraw money from Kenya Commercial Bank
I’m still a bit disorientated and will hopefully achieve some coherence at some point.

Update: I forgot about Anna our cleaning lady! Not looking forward to doing my own laundry and dishes again.


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