16 March 2012

Mud huts and hummers

V: Hows juba?? Changed beyond recognition?! 
Me: Meh. Lotsa new roads and buildings but fundamentally the same! 
V: Fundamentally still a collection of mud huts and hummers?
Which pretty much sums it up. Perhaps the most impressive part for me was being able to buy a visa on arrival. But it was very nice to visit. The whole carry-on-as-if-there-was-no-oil-shutdown-thing felt a bit like the cartoon Wile E. Coyote going over the edge of a cliff but not quite realising it or starting to fall yet. Perhaps a reason for optimism that there is something going on that we all don't know about, and there will in fact be a deal? Inshallah. Also, hopefully we'll be allowed to share the note from my trip at some point.


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