23 April 2012

Blogging the World Development Reports

Tom just sent me a great World Bank paper on accountability in service delivery, which references the 2004 World Development Report on "Making Services Work for the Poor," which made me think I should really go and read that properly sometime. This just a week after he reminded me that we should really also read the 2008 Agriculture for Development report sometime (it probably nails the whole "economics of livelihoods" question). I'm also a big fan of the 2009 Report on Economic Geography (one of the most misunderstood economic realities there is?), and really looking forward to the 2013 Jobs Report.

Which brings me to.... drum roll please.... the Roving Bandit World Development Report Bookclub / Blogathon: Because you probably haven't read them either, and if you work in development you probably should have. So I'm going to go back to the beginning and read / blog / discuss one report per approximately-week-ish-length-period-of-time. Who's with me?


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