10 January 2013

IAEA is hiring a cosmetics sales clerk, €30k tax free salary

...aaaaaaand back to your regularly scheduled programming of pointing and staring in slack-jawed, wide-eyed disbelief at something crazy that the UN has done. I don't know whether to laugh or cry or scream.

For some bizarre reason, UN staff, including it seems the till person at the UN shop, are considered to be diplomats or something, and so don't have to pay any tax. On anything. So in addition to their tax-free salary, they get a special tax-free shop to do their shopping in. (Which is pretty great in Juba when you can sneak in with a friend and they have all sorts of amazing delights specially flown-in that you can't buy anywhere else in town).

Well. The International Atomic Energy Agency, in Vienna (perhaps not the world's worst hardship station), apparently has its very own cosmetics shop. And they need someone to stock the shelves and run the till. For thirty thousand tax free euros. That's more than I make. Clearly I'm in the wrong career. Don't bother with university kids, you only need high school to get a job in the UN shop. To be fair, it does sound quite stressful though.
"the incumbent actively sells the products in the Commissary sales areas, replenishes shelves and works at the cash register: all these tasks are physically strenuous since they involve long hours of standing, walking around the shop floor, bending and lifting of boxes and products."
I'm quite impressed with myself that I've made it this far with no profanity.

Apply here: Sales Assistant, Cosmetics (G-3)


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