16 February 2013

How can universities influence development policy?

I'm working on a project helping a university economics research centre think through its strategy on getting its research and policy analysis into the right hands, to help have an impact on global poverty.

In general I feel like this is an area which is really difficult to do well, and about which we know relatively little (though with some good resources out there such as policy research programmes at ODI and LSE).

So I'm going for some crowdsourcing and I want to know what you think about what an academic research centre should be doing to get its research out there.

1) Is the development economics research currently being produced by universities relevant and useful to development policy and decision makers? How? 
2) What are the top 3 ‘policy relevant’ university research centres working on economics in international development in the UK?
3) What are good examples of dissemination work carried out in this area which have influenced policy and helped make a difference?
Opinions are particularly welcome from policymakers themselves, in donor organisations, governments, foundations, or NGOs. Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below, send them to lee dot crawfurd at gmail.com, and pass on this message to anyone else you know working in this area.



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