05 February 2013

‘How to Build a Country From Scratch: A 12 Step Program'

This is a cool video on South Sudan's first year of independence (the NYT doesn't do embeds).

A couple of minor criticisms

1 - was it really necessary to provide subtitles for the Vice President speaking in English?

2 - The final shot is a slide with the text "In late 2012, South Sudan expelled a U.N. human rights officer and downed a U.N. helicopter." Which makes it sounds bit like South Sudan is trying to wage a war against the UN. I don't know the details of the human rights officer case, but reportedly the shooting of the helicopter was clearly an accident. Following years and years of bombing by North Sudan (the South has no airforce), recent sighting of Northern planes bringing supplies to rebels in the South, reports that North Sudan has purposely disguised its aircraft as UN aircraft in the past, and reportedly a phone call made by the SPLA before the strike was made to check, in which the UN were not aware of any UN aircraft in that area. (More details from Eric Reeves here). So maybe cut the South a bit of slack on that one.


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