14 June 2013

How to invest in Africa

Todd Moss and Ross Thuotte at CGD made the case a few weeks ago for investing in Africa (literally). 

The question for how best to do this popped into my head a few weeks ago at a conference on business in Africa. So what can you do? I have some very meagre savings, and interest rates are so low right now in the UK they may as well be stuffed under my mattress. Surely there is a way of tapping into the high growth in developing countries?

I asked the question on twitter and got these five responses:
‏@davidcshipley: There's plenty of options which will get you way more than 2% - EMD, AR strasts etc. (Not investment advice). for Africa specifically there are some frontier funds which directly focus there, plus EM Eqs which have some allocation 
@Scott_Gilmore:  Try http://myc4.com  
@StyledByAfrica: Check out @Homestrings about investing in Africa 
‏@tylercowen: Some contemporary African art is fairly liquid, it has a high bid-ask spread but one way to start... 
‏@RealClearAfrica:  http://investinginafrica.net/#cat-1
Anyone have any experience with any of this or any other tips?


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