How to find a job in International Development

When I was still at university and terrified of impending unemployment I came up with an incredibly long list from various sources of organisations and opportunities at which I might possibly be able to find a way into the international development sector. I just stumbled across that list, and thought it might be useful to someone, so here it is.

(Bearing in mind it is fairly heavy on economics, politics, and London-based positions, most of it is more than 5 years old so fairly out of date, and was written from a relative position of ignorance, absolutely no endorsement or any other kind of judgement or is being passed here on the quality of any of these organisations (there are over 200, I haven't even heard of some of them, doubtless chunks of the list were just copied wholesale from somewhere else). Obviously if you were masochistic enough to take lots of economics and statistics at school, your best bet for getting into development as an economist is the ODI fellowship scheme, an IPA field position, or an OPM assistant consultant position.

Donors and International Organisations

African Development Bank
World Bank

Further study opportunities

Fulbright (Scholarship for study in US)
Frank Knox Fellowship (Harvard scholarship)
International Affairs Schools (Research funding)
Kennedy trust (Scholarship for Harvard/MIT) (research funding) (Postgrad study abroad funding)
Sloan Fellows (MIT - MBA)

Environmental job listings

Internships  (5 months min)
Asia Foundation (Washington DC)
Centre for Microfinance (Chennai – internships)
Charities Advisory Trust
Chatham House
Do it (Volunteering)
ESRF (Tanzania)
Finca International (Fellowship Scheme)
Foreign Policy Centre
Hill Zoo (Capitol Hill Internships)
Kenya Human Rights Commission
Mekong Economics (Vietnam – Apply June)
Red Cross
Saferworld (Research internships)
Transparency International
UNICEF  (French or Spanish needed)
World Food Programme
World Service Enquiry
WTO (paid - 6 months - Geneva, need French)

Young Professional Programs

African Development Bank (YPP - 2 years Exp - Tunisia - some French needed)
Asian development Bank (YPP - 3 year program - Manila)
Bangladesh CLP (YPP)
Development Bank of Southern Africa (YPP - South Africa)
EU Junior Experts in the Commission (Need French)
IMF (Research Assistant - 2 year program)
Standard Chartered (Graduate Scheme)
UNIDO (JPO - 2yr programme - Need Second UN Language)
World Bank (JPO/JPA - 2 year Program)
World Food Program (JPO)

Consultancies and private sector

Agulhas Consulting (London)
Arup (Manchester)
Asbiss consulting
Ashmore Group Limited
Atos Consulting
Business Action for Africa
CAG Consultants (Tunbridge Wells)
Capital International Research Inc.
CDC Capital Partners
Chemonics (US)
Commodities Research Unit
Crown Agents
Dalberg Global Development Advisors (Geneva)
Development Finance Consultants
Dun & Bradstreet (High Wycombe)
Economic Policy Research Centre (Uganda)
Emerging Africa Advisers (London)
Emerging Market Economics
Emerging Markets Group
Enterplan (Reading)
European Centre for Development Policy Management (Maastricht)
Frontier economics
Genesis Analytics (Johannesburg)
Grameen Bank
HLSP Institute
ICICI Bank India
Information Technology & Agriculture Development Ltd (Hassocks)
Inspiris Ltd
ITAD Ltd (Brighton)
LMC International (Oxford/USA)
London Economics
Maxwell Stamp
Metroeconomica Ltd (Bath)
Mokoro Ltd (Oxford)
MRAG Ltd (London)
National Foreign Trade Council
Nomura International
Oliver Wyman
Oxford Analytica
Oxford Economic Forecasting
Oxford Policy Management
PA Consulting
PKF International Projects (London/Chingford)
Portcullis Public Affairs
Sba Research
Whitehouse and Associates (South Africa)
SQW (Stranraer, UK)
Valid International (Oxford)


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