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04 March 2014

Coach Zoran and his African Tigers

A new documentary, about the first ever manager of the first ever South Sudanese national football team. His name is Zoran, and he swears like a trooper. It's an entertaining story, filmed in 2012 and set against the backdrop of some beautiful footage of Juba amidst the excitement and optimism of independence (in 2011). Particularly poignant due to the recent return to conflict.

It's available on the BBC iPlayer for the next month, watch it while you can (there are free VPN solutions for those not in the UK).

26 January 2011

Notes of a Subpar Footballer

The organiser of my indoor football team is blogging our travails. This one is probably of limited general interest, with the possible exception of my mum. I scored a goal!

01 November 2010

Disabled Skateboard Soccer in Accra

And now for something completely different. These guys were amazing. Perhaps unsurprisingly the team in England shirts took a beating.

P1010849  P1010853


14 June 2010

World Cup Fever hits Southern Sudan

Never mind, England. In other World Cup news, my house is now flooded with the sound of vuvuzelas from all of the neighbours’ TV sets, and I am trying to bring some British culture to my Sudanese colleagues in the office with some irresponsible gambling (er, sweepstake, for.. team-building and stuff).

And here is Karuna Herrmann on a recent trip to Wau:

People in developing countries tend to have an impressive grasp of all things football – league and national. Not so my driver in Wau.
A: Tab3an I will watching World Cup!
K: Who do you want to win?
A: ManU!
...K: I’m afraid they didn’t qualify.
A: ManU is very good!
K: Yes, but the World Cup is for national teams.
A: . . .
K: It’s for the teams of countries.
A: . . .
K: ManU is not a country.

02 March 2010

Quote of the Day (QotD) – On Football and Marxism

I do love Chris Dillow…

“There’s a parallel between Arsene Wenger’s criticism of that tackle on Aaron Ramsey and Marx’s critique of capitalism.

In this context, Pulis’s defence of Shawcross, though factually correct, is pernicious. In encouraging us to look at individual agency, rather than structural forces, it perpetuates one piece of ideology/cognitive bias - the fundamental attribution error - which helps to sustain and legitimate capitalism.”

28 January 2010

Markets in Everything

Footballers bribed officials to play for China, newspaper alleges 
200,000 yuan (£18,000) buys international call-up, claims Shangai report, as sports minister says corruption is deeply rooted

18 November 2009

Football by Numbers

1 Game

1 World Cup place

66 flights

35,000 fans

32 fans hurt (at the last game)

15,000 police

That is Egypt vs Algeria, today, in Khartoum, Sudan. Not likely to be any trouble there then.

27 August 2009

'Ave it

Right so CHRIS frickin' BLATTMAN is reading. I'd better think of something clever to say.



Come on!....

You can do it!....

.....Nope. Nothing. Too much pressure.

Instead I'm just going to post this AWESOME photo from The Citizen of H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of Southern Sudan, looking very cool as he opens the first ever international football tournament in Juba last week.

If you're interested Your Excellency, we normally play on Tuesdays at the UNMIS pitch. You are more than welcome.

05 June 2009

The Tribune has all the key stories

Football match ends without score in Yirol West 
By Manyang Mayom June 2, 2009 (RUMBEK) — A friendly football match between two rival teams of Zalan and Ramciel ended in a tie on Sunday evening in Yirol West County in Lakes state. Officials (...)