06 March 2009

The Aftermath

So Juba was a bit of an anti-climax yesterday. As much as noone really expected anything (well apart from the UN who actually did buy up all of the water and juice from the only supermarket in town), it was still quite exciting until absolutely nothing happened.

NGOs being kicked out of the North is doubtless going to create a huge humanitarian disaster in Darfur, but its unlikely there will be much effect on the South. And as for creating a "reversal of commitment to elections and self-determination for Southern Sudan", well a cynic might say thay Khartoum isn't all that committed to elections and giving away all its oil. The question to be asking is how does this alter each side's incentives in the Game Between Juba and Khartoum. Personally I would be slightly more hesitant to go back to war with that hanging over my head.

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