04 March 2009

The answer to all our economic woes...

"Jemaine: Budgeting. Bret: Yeah, the government should do a budget. 
I believe we already have a budget
Jemaine: It doesn’t seem like it. Bret: They need to put aside a certain amount each week for rent and then some money for food and then some money for partying, having a good time. Jemaine: Put aside some for invasions!"
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HT: Kids Prefer Cheese

In other, completely unrelated news, Salva shows he at least has a sense of humour.
"With falling oil prices, Sudan's budget has been drastically reduced. More than 95% of the southern government budget comes from your share of oil revenue. Now you're having trouble paying government workers and the military. 
It's a very serious crisis. Not only in the south. It will affect the whole Sudan. 
Where are you going to get the money to make up the shortfall? 
I don't know. Maybe you might loan me some money? (Laughter)"

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