28 April 2009

Jigy Jigy

A solution to the budget crisis from a friend at UNDP. Go Dutch and start taxing the East African "unmarried business women" who are undercutting the locals for "Jigy Jigy."

Pity the poor "undercover" journalists who wrote this piece.

My friend also suggests we might need some "hookers without borders" to advise these ladies on their pricing strategies. $5 for one ejaculation and $10 for the whole night!

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Unknown said...

I'm just working on some research with a guy here on sexual attitudes - he has done some interesting work on prostitution. But I have a more interesting story.

I once lived just outside the main ringroad in Paris. To get home from my nearest metro station, I could walk under the bridge on either side of the road.

On one side were lots of very pretty prostitutes who always smiled and were polite but generally left me alone.

On the other was a harem of some of the most horrendous creatures to walk on God's earth (apologies for the bluntness). They would never leave me alone - always hassling me, almost begging me to take them.

Given that I own property rights over my body (I think, I hope), I think they should have offered to pay me!

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