29 April 2009

Juba Food Blogging

I'm pretty sure this could be a world-first.

God I'm terrible with names though. Anyway the new coffee place in Malakia on the main road (there is only one) has started doing some decent food. The coffee (actual real cappucino! in Juba!) and cake is already pretty impressive, and I've had their pizzas before which really aren't bad and cheap by Juba standards (around SDG 15 or $6), although everywhere seems to be doing pizza these days. Anyway they do a really good curry. Not quite the same selection as Hotel Salaam - there is a choice of "chicken curry" or "fish curry" - but both are genuinely really really tasty.

Highly Recommended.

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Anonymous said...

God... Juba is changing. I really would love to visit again. Cappucino of Juba sounds irresistable!


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