18 April 2009

Nazis in Southern Sudan?

The State government for Central Equatoria has recently been clearing up settlements in Juba. This has meant widespread demolition of Tukuls (mud-huts) and market stalls. Many people are arguing that the victims were warned, and would not move until action was taken. Either way its pretty grim. I even had to go without the fruit and veg stall and the rolex stand (a Ugandan snack - fried egg rolled up in a chapati) outside my office for a couple of weeks before the stall-holders began to rebuild out of the wreckage.

But the editor of The Citizen was so offended that he was forced to take a break in Europe to recover. Whilst in Germany he decided that:

"what our government is doing today in Juba is similar to what the Germany Government of National Unity did during the time sof Adolf Hitler in 1930 and 1940" (Leader, 17 April 2009)


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