19 April 2009

A Sudanese delicacy

So the rainy season is just getting started in Juba. Maybe twice a week we are treated to an insane monsoon-style tropical rainstorm. Last week lightning struck right outside the office window and it was like a bomb just went off.

The rain also means the proliferation of insects. Hoards of little flying bugs have been swarming around the external lights of the house. Jimmy the guard and Anna the cleaning lady both say these bugs are very tasty when fried. People pay 3 SDG (£1) in the market for a cup of them. Jimmy was collecting some in a plastic bucket when I got home the other day. So last night I asked him how his bugs were, but he hadn't cooked them yet so he ran off to prepare some so I could try them.

Now it would be rude not to right? And they're actually not bad. A bit like popcorn - with that soft yet slightly crunchy consistency - similar to sugar puffs cereal. Only with a slightly meaty taste.


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Anonymous said...

:):) I agree they are not that bad. Just look yakee... but taste OK.

Greetings to you, and to my much missed Sudan!

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