19 May 2009

Paraplegic Congolese funk veterans Update #124

A couple of links from TH:
"If you're only going to buy one album by a gang of paraplegic Congolese funk veterans this year, this should be it."
And "Uninformed mentions of South Sudan #231" from Francis Fukuyama no less:
"...colonialism imposed a set of irrational borders on their colonies. South Sudan fought a 30-year civil war with the regime in Khartoum only because a long-dead British administrator in Cairo didn't want to offend Egypt by giving it to Uganda, where it more naturally belonged."
No mention of Southern Sudan being three times the size of Uganda? And that the two largest tribes have no more connection with Uganda than they do with the northern Sudanese?

And which 30-year civil war was that? 1955-1972 or 1983-2005?

And finally, Charlie Brooker makes me proud to be British:
"Being British is actually about feeling aggressed, mistrustful, overlooked, isolated, powerless, and petrified of "losing my identity". Britishness incorporates a propensity to look around me with jealous eyes, fuming over imaginary sums of money being doled out to child-molesting asylum-seekers by corrupt PC politicians who've lost touch with the common man"

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