15 May 2009

This is my car

"The Hilux has gained a reputation for exceptional sturdiness and reliability, even during sustained heavy use, and is often referred to as "The Indestructible Car". This was further reinforced when on the BBC motoring show Top Gear, a 1988 Hilux with 190,000 miles (308,000 km) on the odometer was subjected to extraordinary abuse. This consisted of driving it down a flight of steps, scraping buildings, crashing headlong into a tree, being washed out to sea and completely submerged, driving it through a garden shed, dropping a caravan onto it, hitting it with a wrecking ball, setting the cabin and bed area on fire,[6] and, finally, placing it on top of a 240-foot (73 m) block of flats that was subsequently destroyed by a controlled demolition.[7] Although it was now suffering from severe structural damage, the truck was still running after being repaired without spare parts and only with typical tools and equipment that would be found in a car's toolbox, such as spanners, motor oil, and a monkey wrench (adjustable spanner),[8] however WD40 was used to get the engine going after it had been recovered from the sea."
HT: Tom


Anonymous said...

If this is true why do you boys need to take your car to the garage every other week??

Aaron Stewart said...

The newer models feel cheap and plastic. They should have stuck with the older design in my opinion.

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