12 June 2009

God Save the Queen

I went to a birthday party for the Queen last night. Very surreal. Shame she couldn't make it. But thanks for the drinks your majesty (er, British tax-payer). Luka Monoja (GoSS Minister of Cabinet Affairs) gave a great speech.

P.S. This is clearly how I should have responded to the invitation:
Dear Joy, 
For 30 years I did not once celebrate the Queen's birthday and I certainly have no intention of starting now simply because I live overseas. It is worth pointing out that this is the year 2009 and medieval notions of monarchy have been ditched by most of the rest of the world. It would be nice to think that we could celebrate more sophisticated, more inclusive notions of Britishness but that apparently remains a pipe dream. Until then I will graciously decline your kind invitation safe in the knowledge that 1000 generations of Crillies will be pleased that I have not attended. Rest assured that I will be the first to celebrate the execution of whomsoever is on the throne when we finally come to our senses. 
Your loyal, erm, subject 
Rob Crilly

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