29 July 2009

Assorted Links

Number of the day: More than 3,000 donkeys have been mobilized to deliver ballots for Afghanistan's upcoming presidential election. (via Foreign Policy)

"Research" Discovery of the Day: Chinese Brothels in Dar

Invention of the Day: Kenyans invent bike phone charger - somebody give these guys some money! (via BBC)

Quote of the Day:
"22 years of warfare have demonstrated to most Sudanese that lasting resolutions to
intractable problems are more easily achieved around a negotiating table than
through the barrel of the gun." - Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the
Government of South Sudan, 22 July 2009. via Sudan Watch
Sudanese cooking trivia of the Day
"For some reason cooking oil just won’t do – the cow brain is sautéed and used like butter to keep the kisra from sticking to the iron skillet." Green Shakes in Sudan

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