27 July 2009

The Good Life

Rob Crilly is leaving Kenya and reminds me of some of the good things about life in Africa.

"Stars - the night sky is completely different here, with barely a spot of
darkness between the fine mist of white dots and bright galactic smears."

There are plenty of Cons to living here - no constant electricity (only a small diesel generator), which means no fridge, and a pretty limited range of food in the local markets anyway, the heat and the dust, the mosquitos, and all of this whilst paying London prices for many goods and services.

But one of the benefits of that lack of electricity is the amazing stars. And the heat I can bear because the sun puts a smile on my face. In England on the first day of spring the whole country is immediately in shorts or skirts and gets a huge grin on its face. I get that almost every day. Or when I don't it's because of an awesome, monumental, apocalytic storm. I get to drive home at night (thanks to my $100 New Sudan driving licence - I have no UK licence) through the deserted roads, blaring music. And live in a big house with a vegetable garden, with domestic help (no washing dishes or clothes!), and play poker in bars to pay for my dinner (illegal in the UK).

Yeah life is good.

Is any of this convincing you Karuna? x

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