08 August 2009

Karaoke and Corruption

This morning had the potential to go quite badly. Hungover (Karaoke at Global Camp on Fridays is truly awesome. Ended the night with the whole bar singing "We are the World"), I was stopped by the police not once but twice for having the wrong licence plate. First time I haggled them down to $20. Second time I was pissed off, and as it's a Saturday I thought, sod it, I have time to kill so I'll argue with the guy. And guess what it worked! I shouted at him long enough that he just let me go, and this after I'd already seen a Sudanese guy pay him $20. I'm more Sudanese than the Sudanese!

And as I drove off in glory, Top of the Pops (cancelled in 2006 in the UK) comes on the BBC World Service with Michael Jackson. Score!

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