05 August 2009

Making Unity Attractive

So the idea behind the CPA was that both govenments (GoNU and GoSS) should work to "make unity attractive" to the voters in the South ahead of the referendum on independence.

Quote of the Day
"There must be a force somewhere, a force that keeps arming these militias, a force that keeps sending ammunition to the militias. There is not another force in this way that can keep arming and sending ammunition to the local population apart from the Sudanese army" - SPLA's Maj-Gen Kuol Deim Kuol, 04 August 2009. (via Sudan Watch)


Kelsey said...

hey...guns can be attractive. stop being so judgmental about what makes unity 'attractive'.

Lee said...

good point, maybe that could be your next aid project, handing out guns for peace and development.

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