04 August 2009


This is a new series keeping tabs on idiotic statements by the likes of these guys.

Frank Field, a member of the cross-party parliamentary group on balanced migration (funded by MigrationWatchUK: "an independent and non-political body established to KEEP OUT THE DARKIES!"), is an idiot. Someone please kick him out of the Labour Party?

He argues that we must cap British citizenship because otherwise Britain's population will increase. THAT IS NOT A REASON. It is a truism. Now you have to tell us why a higher population is bad.

I've been meaning to get around to answering the Open Left questions, but I've just realised that it's actually pretty simple. Being on the left is about defending the interests of the poor, not the interests of the rich.

Opposing immigration is defending the interests of the (global) rich (Brits) against the (global) poor. If you want to defend the rich I suggest that you join the Tories.

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