31 August 2009


The Cheek!

Apparently being an immigrant in Britain does not disqualify you from complaining about immigrants (that's right Amanda Platell, you were born in Australia if you hadn't remembered which would make YOU an immigrant). I suppose complaining about immigrants is kind of the national sport though. Maybe we should put it into the Citizenship test.

Q. The communist Labour government is still letting loads of dirty foreigners in. What do you think should be done about it?

a) Build a big wall around the coast so noone can get in. And close all the airports. Right after I've got in that is.
b) Have a warship stationed in the channel to sink anything with brown people on it.
c) Take away all their benefits. Because immigrants are all child-molesting criminal single-mothers sitting around getting paid £50,000 a week in benefits.

Rod Liddle has a marginally better attempt. At least he tries to explain why a large population is a bad thing. Sadly, his efforts are a bit pathetic.
"the pressure to pave over more and more countryside greatly increases flood risk."

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Unknown said...

No, no, Lee. What Rod Liddle meant was that when more people come into the country, the land has trouble taking the extra pressure and slowly sinks down. If we don't keep all the child-molesting criminal single mothers, East Anglia will certainly disappear. That would include Lowestoft and that is where the Darkness come from, so we don't want that. See? So simple!

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