31 August 2009

Monday Links

1. Frank Field says to stabilise UK pop then immigration must balance with emigration. Do you think I could get in the Guardian by arguing that to stabilise the queue at the post office we need to balance the people being served and the people walking in?

2. USAID is still missing an administrator in part because of the vetting process, in which "candidates for the USAID post have to detail everywhere they've lived in their adult lives, and every foreign citizen they know."

3. A novel strategy to ease arrests?

4. Moisés Naím (Editor of Foreign Policy) is pessimistic on Dutch Disease.
"It is not that their leaders fail to realise the need to diversify; in fact, all oil countries have invested massively in other sectors. Unfortunately, few of these investments succeed largely because the exchange rate stunts the growth of agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and other sectors ... Unlocking the secret of [Chile and Botswana's] escape from the resource curse could spare millions from the devil's excrement. But nobody has done it yet."

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