20 August 2009

More jigy-jigy

According to Google Analytics THIS is my most visited post. You filthy people.

Anyway I've been meaning to post a follow-up since I was sent this story by a friend about a new Steve Levitt paper based on
"detailed and real-time transaction data for over 2,200 tricks performed by about 160 prostitutes in three Chicago neighborhoods that the authors collected with the help of pimps and prostitutes."
She suggests that Juba's "unmarried businesswomen" could learn from it how to reach a more realistic price per ejaculation / night. Well economics works in Juba too, according to the Khartoum Monitor. It's only $2 if you want to have "jigi jigi" with the ugly girls, but of you want a moderate girl it'll cost you $4, and for the beautiful ones it's a whole $8.

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