14 August 2009

Thundercats Ho?!

According to UNDP's latest security alert there is a leopard out and about in Juba. I of course work for an organisation with slightly lower overheads than UNDP, so the only security alerts I get are when friends think they are funny enough to be forwarded on, or posted on their blogs. Kelsey even went to the trouble of googling 'what to do if being chased by a leopard,' after deeming the official UN advice of "be extra vigilant and careful" to be insufficient.

I'm going to listen to my girlfriend Karuna who is normally right about these kind of things:
"OH MY FUCKING GOD!! don't ever leave your car!! i TOLD you you need to get a gun then you could just go and shoot it. what the hell is it doing in a town???! it must be up to something..."

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