10 October 2009

Blogging and Academia

I've just been reading the latest draft of a paper by Miguel, Saiegh and Satyanath which measures the correlation between violence on the football (soccer) field in European leagues (yellow/red cards) and violence in a player's home country (civil war). Blattman blogged about an earlier draft a while ago.

Great paper, but what caught my eye were the acknowledgements:
"We are grateful to Dan Altman, Ray Fisman, Matias Iaryczower, Abdul Nouri, Dani Rodrik, seminar participants at Stanford, UCSD, UCLA, IPES, and at the 4th Annual HiCN Workshop at Yale, and a host of anonymous bloggers for useful comments, and Dan Hartley, Teferi Mergo, Melanie Wasserman and Tom Zeitzoff for excellent research assistance. All errors remain our own."
Proper academic acknowledgement of bloggers! Is this a first?


Ranil Dissanayake said...

hey, cool! Dan Altman is a really good friend of mine. In fact, we're doing some research into this next year - attending a couple of games of the World Cup in SA!

martin thienel said...

May I join you in researching this issue - sounds like becoming great fieldwork. Cheers.

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