28 October 2009


I told my housemate yesterday that he couldn't borrow my beard-trimmer because we need to grow "budget beards" as an austerity measure. There will barely be time for sleeping, so no shaving until the 2010 Budget is passed.

But later I had a better idea. It's almost Movember!

So readers what do you think - Budget Beards or Movember Moustaches?

Also - in the event of Movember Moustaches, we need a charity to donate some money to.

Current suggestions include:

1. Tyler Cowen's idea - give money to random individuals who look like they are working hard rather than asking for money.

2. Start an advocacy campaign and spend lots of money on flyers. I'm not particularly convinced by this one, especially as we don't know what we would be advocating for.


Unknown said...

Friends of African Village Libraries (www.favl.org) would love your donations! May your mustache grow handlebars?

Lee said...

Yes but it must be in Southern Sudan. Do you have any libraries in Southern Sudan? And do they have books about manly things?

Unknown said...

How about: We're learning how to set up a network of community libraries in stable, peaceful, Burkina Faso before experimenting in dangerous southern Sudan.

That doesn't sound so manly.

So how about: We're learning... in beer-drinking Burkina Faso...

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