21 October 2009

Wednesday Links

1. When I say pub, you say ... AK-47! (HT:TH)

2. A bit of inspirational liberal rhetoric from Owen Barder

3. I see some familiarity in this discussion of MTEFs in Ghana. Is it time developing countries just gave up on them?

4. The BBCs Africa Analyst thinks that 2 data points are enough to say "recent evidence of the [Mo Ibrahim] prize's effectiveness across Africa is not encouraging"


5. Air tickets, Nairobi-style


Matt said...

MTEFs are a complete joke - an amazing bit of practice pushed by countries that don't practice it themselves. At least in Malawi, the budget teams had a hard enough time putting together a decent single-year budget, and so the idea that one should have reasonable projections two years ahead was absurd. Donors should stop pushing high-minded planning techniques and should just focus on helping get the very basic things right, like counting.

Lee said...

I estimate with 95% confidence that GoSS revenues over the next 3 years will be within the bounds of 10 billion dollars and zero.

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