19 November 2009

Thursday Links

1. The Average Flag (weighted by population) (via Chart Porn)

2. Interesting article on SSRC about the proposed News Agency of Southern Sudan

3. Mobile phones in Somalia
"insurgents say they receive orders for attacks by text message ... One telecoms firm is also expanding its network to coastal ports used by pirates, who make thousands of dollars from ransom payments from ship-owners but have to rely on expensive satellite phones at the moment." (HT: Global Guerillas)
4. Giovanni Peri, The effect of immigration on productivity: evidence from us states
"We find no evidence that immigrants crowded-out employment and hours worked by natives. At the same time we find robust evidence that they increased total factor productivity" (HT: trade diversion)
5. An oldie but a goodie - Kafka for kids - "Why doesn't mommy answer me when I cry?"

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