25 February 2010

Machine Gun Preacher

Sam Childers is a crazy crazy man. He is definitely insane but he might just also be awesome. I’m not sure. Here’s the story.
Sam was a hell’s angel. He drank, took drugs, and got in fights. Then he saw the light and became a Christian. A preacher even? The he got a job in de-mining, which took him to Southern Sudan.
At which point he decided to start going on ARMED RESCUE MISSIONS to save kids from the LRA. He has his own vigilante army, and now runs an orphanage for 300 kids saved from the LRA.
There is already a book and someone is planning a movie. Sometimes, the truth (assuming that this is not an elaborate hoax), is stranger than fiction.
(HT: BoredinPostConflict)


Anonymous said...

This is story is interesting! Vigilante army running an orphanage? So cool!

M Poff said...

not a joke. met him in Gulu once.

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