23 February 2010


Yes, it is devil spawn, but I've kind of figured out how to use it (this helps), and so I am mostly posting interesting links there rather than saving them all up for a links blog post (which my housemate always complains about). There is a little box on the right of the webpage, or you can click here. I'll try and remember to keep up some lengthier stuff here and not descend entirely into stunted sentences.


Steve said...

It's a pity when people move their good content from an open blog into the partly closed URL-obscuring world of Twitter. I've been seeing this a lot lately, but I like the "links" posts that come via my favourite blogs. Now they seem to be getting separated out and thrown over to Twitter. So, this is my vote against your housemate's opinion!

Lee said...

How about a weekly twitter-links roundup like David Roodman does? http://blogs.cgdev.org/open_book/2010/02/weekly-tweets-for-2010-02-19.php

Steve said...

His summary is *very* hard to read with all the tags, hashes, jargony abbreviations and obscured URLs. But it's certainly better than nothing thanks!

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