22 March 2010

Barely getting by

Walking through the markets of Juba, women selling vegetables, tea and managing local food outlets catch your eyes most.  We do not do these odd jobs because they are our favourite, said Elizabeth Wani, a tea seller. “This is the only way we can find an income since we are illiterate,”.  Ms. Wani like most of her colleagues makes a living of less than 15 Sudanese pounds (5$) per day.


Betty Nyadeng, a 15 year old serving in a local hotel makes 10 Sudanese pounds (3$) in a day which caters for her two daughters and four siblings. “If I had an education, I would be earning more for my siblings,” she said upon tears. She added that her eldest sister passed away while giving birth early this year due to the hard times she went though while pregnant.

From SudanVotes.com

The SSCCSE are killing me, I can’t wait to see some published household survey data.

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