21 April 2010

Twitter Round-up

  1. Could the Lib Dems win outright?
  2. owenbarder Big and welcome news: the World Bank sets its data free: http://is.gd/bAmt8
  3. Rigged in the north, more or less fair in the south - The Economist on Sudan elections

  4. Give Your Vote http://www.giveyourvote.org/

  5. Russia says Sudan elections fair by 'African standards' - er....

  6. WTF?! Women to blame for earthquakes, says Iran cleric

  7. owenbarder Development bloggers you should be reading: http://is.gd/bzfBQ
  8. Spare a thought for exporters from poor countries

  9. Why Humanity Loves, and Needs, Cities

  10. KCB opening new branches across Southern Sudan

  11. Set research free

  12. What if NGOs had a customer care line?

  13. Pro bono economics

  14. Nigeria’s foreign trade policy (there isn't one)

  15. Eritrea and Ethiopia's first ever “trending topic” on Twitter: #whereislemlem? http://tinyurl.com/yc65hvf

  16. Sudan People's Liberation Movement is on twitter: @splmvoices

  17. Dani Rodrik's father-in-law arrested on coup charges in Turkey

  18. nancymbirdsall My op-ed in @GlobalPost on better aid to Haiti (and how trade & immigration matter even more!) http://bit.ly/9mP3oc
  19. GorvidCamerown We're the party of the people, especially our own people. Join the Labservatives http://bit.ly/aHN0Bx
  20. DrEvanHarris Yes my seat is marginal. 6% Tory swing will lose it. If you want to help pls email info@evanharris.org.uk. I'll suggest how u can. Thanks!
  21. whiteafrican Direct lending platform between Sudanese diaspora to Sudanese business entrepreneurs: http://peacediv.com
  22. Blattman: more MBAs for Africa

  23. WrongingRights via @cblatts, African farmers team up to save impoverished British Theatre (video spoof) http://tinyurl.com/ycqhlk6. Hilarious!
  24. 83% of UK election candidates are using Facebook in their campaign

  25. robertcottrell What if the Rapture already happened, and only about three or four people disappeared, so few having met the standard? http://bit.ly/bzNbcG
  26. robertcottrell How to cook bacon using a machine-gun: http://bit.ly/aUrREC
  27. Tsvangirai marries his late wife's sister

  28. Now is the time to cut $200bn a year in US & European farm subsidies

  29. JoshRuxin One Laptop Per Child in Rwanda - enlightening piece in The Guardian: http://ow.ly/1rZS1

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