30 May 2010

The AfDB vision for African Infrastructure


From the ONE campaign DATA report


texasinafrica said...

It should be noted that the "unpaved road" across northeastern Congo is more like a path through the forest. The forest grew over what was left of the old road long ago and if they rebuild it, the forest will claim it again. There's a reason the river has always been a preferable mode of transport through the region.

Matt Collin said...

Wow - Malawi's totally out of the picture

Lee said...

So is Southern Sudan..

Tommy Miles said...

The Arlit to Algeria section of the trans Sahara in Niger was just the subject of a donors confrence in Niamey, feted by the junta. The Agadez - Taout section has been worked on for at least seven years without much progress. Decent paved roads, of which there remain few, would be an unimaginable boon to Niger, as they have been in Mali.

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