30 May 2010

Gettin’ by pouring drinks

Meet Dominic Loki.

The business

First, I worked as a Gardener, then a cleaner, before finally becoming a Barman. I only went to school until Senior 4 in Uganda.

The costs

Most hotels provide all the logistics needed for survival – accomodation and food.

Although the costs I encountered in turn on my family are high for me. For my two wives in Torit, I send them 150 pounds [$50] every 2 months. For the one in Juba, I give her 50 pounds per month.

The pay

I earn 25 pounds [$10] in a day … I also make side income from customers who give me tips in appreciation for serving them … My mandate is to save all the salary I make. I usually ask the cashier to pay me at the end of the month.

With [my savings] I have managed to build a small 14 roomed lodge with a bar in Eastern Equatoria. This is another big boost to my income.

Typical day

I am up by 5:30 a.m. each day to count the available drinks and also to clean up bottles and glasses for customers. After a hard working day, I go to bed after serving all my customers. Sometimes at midnight, sometimes at 2 o’clock.

From the South Sudan Business Week, May 31 2010.

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