01 May 2010

Twitter Round-up

  1. The Guardian is backing the Lib Dems http://tinyurl.com/2vsxzuj
  2. New blog from DFID India's Economist (via @owenbarder) http://tinyurl.com/2d9v7ek
  3. RachelStrohm Amartya Sen on Adam Smith - well worth a read http://j.mp/cfdWAg
  4. ilovemigrants Check out the I Love Migrants website! http://ilovemigrants.wordpress.com/
  5. bill_westerly comrade-in-arms barbarian egonomist @rovingbandit #followfriday
  6. The Economist backs the Conservatives http://tinyurl.com/2bxfo39
  7. sunny_hundal RT @moogyboobles: #iloveimmigrants because I'm a human being and we share a planet with other human beings.
  8. TimHarford On @r4today this morning figuring out how big the mystery spending cuts will be after the election. £1350 - £2000 per household per year
  9. xtophercook I'm going to Germany next month - bit worried. I might be assaulted by their dangerously hung parliament.
  10. Only Liberal Democrats would end child detention | Alex Morrison http://tinyurl.com/28vdrgv
  11. RIP, Angus Maddison http://tinyurl.com/29ms5ff
  12. jjaron RT @RichardA: Debate advice for Nick Clegg: in answer to every question, slam down fist on podium and roar "I'm Nick fucking Clegg!"
  13. stephenfry Frankly I'm tempted to vote Lib Dem now. If we let the Telegraph and Mail win, well, freedom and Britain die.
  14. oliver_m_wright Great artists (satirical) map of London, can be seen at the British Library! http://icio.us/igo2st
  15. owenbarder RT @GlenTarman: 1 million children <5 will probably die around the world during UK election + no Q from SKY on world poverty #LeadersDebate
  16. Hey Sudanese abroad - GoSS is recruiting Directors - http://tinyurl.com/2exob2b
  17. maggie4Enough Beautiful photos from Sudan's polls: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/04/scenes_from_sudan.html
  18. IMF revises world growth forecasts up http://tinyurl.com/2f8dg82
  19. loomnie RT @whiteafrican: "The Macroeconomics of Mobile Money" http://bit.ly/bHg3bl via @mpayconnect (via @creditsms)
  20. corduk Check out @vote_global - an Int. Dev. Manifesto for the UK Gen. Election http://bit.ly/bkuMkI #ukelections #voteglobal

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