03 June 2010

The Guardian to stop printing by 2015?

More on the economics of newspapers:

Peter Kirwan at  wired.co.uk has pieced together some numbers and estimates that the Guardian’s online ad revenues could be enough to entirely funding its reporting and editorial operations by 2015.

[£40m] is the number budgeted for overall digital revenues at GNM [Guardian News & Media] during the year to March 2011.

GNM expects to boost its digital revenues by around 30 percent in the space of a year.

I’ve used a range of more realistic growth rates to estimate how long it might take GNM’s digital operations to earn the £100m required to keep a decent-sized newsroom operating seven days a week.

At 10 percent annualised growth, the target date is 10 years away, in 2020.

At 15 percent, it’s seven years away, in 2017.

At 20 percent, it’s five years away, in 2015.

I need an iPad now.

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