19 June 2010

Poverty Figures for Southern Sudan

The full report is now available to download from the GoSS website.

This figure shows consumption by State. Upper Nile is the richest, being the State closest to Khartoum and with the best trading links to the North, followed by Central Equatoria, home of GoSS in Juba. The poorest states are in Bahr el Ghazal, presumably due to being the most remote from both Uganda/Kenya and Northern Sudan.


Consumption is unsurprisingly higher in urban than rural areas. The poor spend very little on anything besides food. The non-poor also spend a lot on food. Their main non-food expenditure is on transportation, demonstrating the importance of connectivity.


The SSCCSE is planning a series of reports looking into the data on education, health and agriculture. I can’t wait. You can see what is possible from the survey questionnaire, attached to the report.

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