14 June 2010

World Cup Fever hits Southern Sudan

Never mind, England. In other World Cup news, my house is now flooded with the sound of vuvuzelas from all of the neighbours’ TV sets, and I am trying to bring some British culture to my Sudanese colleagues in the office with some irresponsible gambling (er, sweepstake, for.. team-building and stuff).

And here is Karuna Herrmann on a recent trip to Wau:

People in developing countries tend to have an impressive grasp of all things football – league and national. Not so my driver in Wau.
A: Tab3an I will watching World Cup!
K: Who do you want to win?
A: ManU!
...K: I’m afraid they didn’t qualify.
A: ManU is very good!
K: Yes, but the World Cup is for national teams.
A: . . .
K: It’s for the teams of countries.
A: . . .
K: ManU is not a country.


texasinafrica said...


Did you tell him that half the US seems to be under the impression that Africa is a country? :)

Matt Davies said...

I guess the driver is not a member of ABU then - "Anyone but United!" Whereas my Scottish colleague is very proud to wear her ABE t-shirt: "Anyone but England!"

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