17 July 2010

Malaria Strikes. And Planning.

Posting will be continue to be slow this week due to malaria and government budget planning meetings. Mainly due to the planning meetings. I also have some tough malaria breed which Coartem won’t kill, so I’m now on to Quinine.

Fun Quinine fact – it makes your saliva taste like tonic water.

Next week is also my last in Southern Sudan (for now). Reflections to come once I have had time to catch my breath. I might need a new sub-title for the blog. Suggestions welcome.

Also to come - notes on adventures in Kenya the week after next, when I’ll be learning how to do a randomised controlled trial.

Watch this space.


Philip said...

Sorry to hear about the malaria. Wishing you a quick recovery.

Bizarrely, I only recently learned about the medicinal properties of tonic water. For the time being, I can't justify my intake of gin and tonic on those grounds, due to lack of malaria (the government sprays DDT around the city from the back of a pickup), but it certainly makes me feel healthier.

Rachel Strohm said...

1) I hope you feel better soon!
2) Have a great time in Kenya, and say hi to the Ghana staff for me - if you run into Ruth Damten & Moro Bukari, I worked on a project with them when I was there. (I think Jessica Kiessel, the Ghana CD, might also be there - she's fantastic.) In case you can't tell, I'm kind of envious that you get to go!

Lee said...


Derrill Watson said...

Probably the best economics blog from a recovery southern Sudan addict?

Lee said...

That could work...

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