22 July 2010

ODA, Philanthropy, and Remittances

From the 2010 Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances, via Matt Morris.

Look how many countries send more through remittances than ODA and philanthropy combined. That is FREE AID. It is costless for sending-country natives. FREE. AID.


Matt said...

Last time I checked, Western Union wasn't free

Anonymous said...

Remittances are also direct cash transfers. Looking at the graph it seems like over half of aid is already going directly to people (as opposed to being filtered through altruistic groups like Deloitte).

Hope all is well and you're winning today's battle against malaria.

Lee said...

What I meant was free for rich-country natives. It doesn't cost ME anything.

And those remittances are generally being sent DESPITE government policy not BECAUSE of it.

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