04 August 2010


Yet more on the multi-dimensional poverty index (bored yet?):

1. The Economist is a fan (“the MPI is a step forward”)


2. Gabriel Demombynes at the World Bank answers Stefan Dercon’s question (what are you for, MPI?). The MPI is a marketing tool.

The general effect of launching a composite measure, such as the Corruption Perception Index or the Commitment to Development Index, is to focus attention on the subject matter. We’ll probably hear more people talking about multidimensional poverty in the next few months as a consequence of the MPI.

That is certainly true. Nice seeing you last week in Nairobi Gabriel!

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Matt said...

But aren't we already thinking about these things? Every single one of the indicators has its own set of advocates anyway, do they really need to band together as one big cheerleading squad?

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