02 September 2010


That is twi (pronounced “chwee”, the principal native language of Ghana), for Welcome.

I was just welcomed to Ghana by a sign in the airport which read something as follows:



Ghana warmly welcomes all visitors of goodwill.

Ghana does not welcome paedophiles and other sexual deviants.

Indeed, Ghana applies extremely harsh penalties for such sexually aberrant behaviour.

If you are planning to engage in any such activities, we suggest that you go elsewhere.

Fortunately for me I am a visitor of goodwill and not a sexual deviant. I am here visiting IPA Ghana and doing a bit of work on setting up a new project.

Tips on things to see and do are very welcome!


Anonymous said...

Most definitely head over to the Volta region to see Wli Falls. But more importantly, head north a town to see the Lipke caves and falls. The guide, Boss, is one of the most engrossing persons I have ever met.

Although super touristy, Mole is beyond beautiful.

Rebecca said...

What a welcome sign!

There are signs in all the bigger hotels here in Cote D'Ivoire warning tourists that staff are trained to spot pedophiles and not to engage in that type of behaviour, or face consequences. I doubt they would take them to the larger hotels though-- probably the cheap backroom, hourly ones instead. And those ones I'm sure don't have warning signs.

Underage sex crimes are a big problem in here in West Africa.

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