05 October 2010

World Bank discovers concept of local context!?!

The Bank argues that going forward, a project’s entire implementation process —project design, procurement, contracting, disbursements — should be tailored to fit the context of the environment. 
“Uniform application of previous lessons does not work in all contexts, as experience in Sudan has demonstrated,” the bank says. (The East African, Monday October 4 2010)
Apologies for the snark, but oh, sometimes…


ewaffle said...

"Apologies for the snark, but oh, sometimes…"

Hard to resist when the jokes tell themselves.

Matt said...

Explain to me (when we meet up for a drink), how this is different than J-Pal claiming they've figured out what works and what doesn't.


Lee said...

ah don't give me that! I will explain all.

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