08 December 2010

Friday Night Bingo in Dar Es Salaam

If you’re stuck for something to do on a Friday night in Dar Es Salaam, look no further than the bingo night at Upanga Club. You heard it here first.
The night is almost exclusively populated by Tanzanians of Indian origin, most of whom live close by in the centre of town, in an area that was first allocated to Indian ‘coolies’ by the British colonial administration.
The Upanga Club is a members club (which you pay a bit to join for the night), an old-fashioned place which also houses a squash court. The proceedings invariably begin with some delicious Indian food; slow to come but some of the best. Then the serious business of bingo must commence.
I can confirm that the food is indeed delicious. Sadly I wasn't there on a Friday though. From Measure Mag.

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Anonymous said...

nice. also to be found at the Badminton Club, which is not too far way. But can't recall if it is also Fridays or not.

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